Catch Lone Survivor The Movie The True Story of Former Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell and his Teammates, The Movie is Expected to Come Out On December 27, 2013 I know i can’t wait for it Just Hope Just cause it’s a Hollywood Movie it Doesn’t Screw Up The Actual Story and Take Away All The Honor For Marcus And His Teammates, May His Teammates R.I.P. And Never Forget Operation RedWing. This Is a Poem Featured in the Movie Expected To Be PG in it Though But It Actually Goes Like This:

Been Around the World Twice


I’am a lover, a fighter

An American naval UDT SEAL diver.

That’s a rootin tootin shootin paratroopin

SCUBA diving demolition double cap crippin’

Frogman – last of the bare-knuckle fighters

No muff too tough, No Sky too high.

I diver for five

Tuck suck fuck nibble ‘n chew

Dine and interwine, masturbate

Ejaculate and copulate

I Drive Big trucks 2by’s, 4by’s , 6by’s

and those big mother fuckers that go Shhh Shhh

and bend in the middle.

Been around the world twice

Talked to everyone once, seen two

Whitle whales fuck

Been to two Pygmy picking picnics,

And met a man in Nantucket with a marble head and a wooden cock …

and ladies, if ya don’t like my face … you can sit on it ! ! !

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